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Seleste Delaney - Searching For Answers In The Holidays of Yore

Searching for Answers in the Holidays of Yore

            I love guest blogging. It’s a fabulous way to reach out to new readers and hopefully introduce some of my readers to another wonderful author. The only problem for me comes in trying to figure out something interesting enough to talk about (it’s a problem I have with my own blogs too LOL). Thankfully this time Leslie saved me and gave me a topic, so here goes…

            Our publisher, Decadent, put out a call for holiday stories a few months ago and I really—I mean really—wanted in on it. The only trouble was, I didn’t have a story. I’d already decided to take my debut short story Of Course I Try and build it into a series, but the idea I had for what came next was 1) not holiday related and 2) far too long for an anthology. So what is the troubled author to do?
Duh. I ranted to a friend about how if I wanted it to be a Jocelyn story it had to fall between the events of OCIT and the planned novel. So we poked at the original story and prodded it and generally drew a lot of blood and ashes.

            Then we kind of scrapped the idea of a sequel and instead attacked things from the classic holiday story angle. I figured if I wasn’t doing a sequel, surely I could come up with something to submit.

            Rudolph? No. I’m kinky but reindeer sex just doesn’t appeal.

            Frosty? Um…trying to explain frostbite there to your doctor might be funny, but it isn’t the kind of thing that sounds fun to write, just painful. And cold.

            Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Please cue the puns. One or two are amusing. An entire story full of them? Uh no.

            Holiday Inn? More puns. I see more puns! Make them stop!!!

            Miracle on 34th Street? *blink* My initial thoughts were evil and

dirty and oh so very wrong, so this one was passed by without a second


            It’s a Wonderful Life? Maybe. We were getting closer with this. I definitely do better with stories that have a hint of darkness to them.

            A Christmas Carol?  Hold it right there. I can use this.

            That was the point where the germ of The Ghost of Vampire Present formed. So instead of an all new story, with the help of my friend and fellow Decadent author, PJ, I found my sequel. And through the sequel a character who had been a one-off came back, and another feisty old woman was introduced. Because of this one holiday story, the planned novel was re-plotted because so much changed, and changed for the better. I can’t wait for its release, and I hope you all enjoy it too. And fear not, most of the questions raised will be dealt with in the novel (just make sure the powers that be at Decadent know how bad you want those answers ).

I’d like to thank Leslie for having me and to all of you for reading
my ramblings. Oh, and as for that whole Miracle on 34th Street thing? It

did eventually develop into another story idea. Yes, Alana, There Is a

Santa Claus is coming as part of Evernight Publishing’s erotic holiday

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