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Ellen Keener talks about the sequel to Blood Moon!!!

Hello!  And thanks to Leslie for letting me crash her blog for the day!  I’m dedicating this blog today to letting everyone in on a secret – the sequel to Blood Moon is in the works!  Right now, its got a crappy title, so I won’t bother mentioning it. (No really – I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that at the top of the screen).

If you read Blood Moon, then you are certain to have met Thaddeus. He’s a secondary character with a flair for the dramatic. And I love him to pieces. So this time, the second book is about him. There’s even a third book half plotted about Aaron, which I hadn’t intended, but cropped up while I was making notes about Thaddeus.

Writing a sequel is more difficult that I imagined it would be. It’s taken me a long time to get started because I had this mental block about writing a story with my two MC on the outside, rather than the inside. It stumped me far more than it should have. But I finally sat down and forced myself to map out a plot. And with that came the strange twist of fate where I introduced Julian Thessangelos, Thaddeus and Lawrence’s father.

I did not plan for him to enter the scene, but he insinuated himself there, and now he’s made himself one of the biggest plot points. It’s his nature, I guess.

But here is the problem – as much as I adore Thaddeus, I love his father even more. And his father is bad. We’re talking the kind of villain who really should die at the end. But I don’t want to kill him. So for now, no one knows how this book will end. Because Thaddeus and Lawrence have managed to escape Dad’s radar for a long time.

But things are about to change, and they’re going to have to deal with each other.

What can I tell you about this book? You’ll still love Thaddeus. You’ll love to hate Julian. And there will be more magic, a little more darkness, and a great love story.

I’ve included a page from the beginning – something to whet your appetites.

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“What is it?”
“Serena Winterhaven.”
They all moved forward as a tall, raven haired beauty dressed in an impeccable suit got out of the car. She wasn’t just graceful. She flowed.
“Thaddeus, how lovely to see you again.” She said. One red-tipped hand waved in the air.
Thaddeus teeth clenched. Wherever Serena went, disaster followed in her elegantly managed wake.
Lukas folded his arms across his chest, a growl rumbling around them as her high heel touched the bottom step. She paused, her smile brittle. “I thought you’d be a little more accepting of a guest.”
“Where did you get that idea?” Lukas asked. “What do you want?”
Serena examined her fingernails. “Thaddeus and I need to have a word. If you’d prefer, we can just take a stroll around the grounds,” At Lukas narrowed gaze, she huffed. “Or the parking lot. Whatever.”
He turned to Thaddeus. “Your choice.”
Not really. Thaddeus thought. She’ll just find a way to get me alone and no one will like that.
His fists rubbed the side of his pant leg. “Let’s walk, shall we?”
Serena waited for him to get to the bottom of the steps before curling her arm around his elbow. She flashed a flirty smile over her shoulder.
Thaddeus wanted to groan. Ella was back there watching somewhere, he knew it. And there’d be hell to pay later.
“Start talking, Serena.”
“Julian sent me,” she sniffed. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be within a hundred miles of your god-forsaken little backwater.”
Thaddeus tried to be cavalier, though his blood turned to ice. “And what does dear old Dad want?”
“The same as always, darling. You.”
“Well, there are some things he just can’t have.”
Serena was silent a moment, then stopped abruptly and jerked his arm. “Listen to me, Thaddeus. I don’t like your father any more than you do, but I know when to fight him and when to give in. Take a piece of free advice: he’s let you slide in the past, but whatever is going on this time, he won’t take no for an answer.”
He crossed his arms. “That sounds an awful lot like a threat.”
She laughed. “Not from me, you idiot. He’s planning on coming here himself.”

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