Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deena Remiel - "Romance and My Children Don't Mix"

Hey there everyone! Today we've got guest author Deena Remiel, blogging about romance and her children!
Romance and My Children Don’t Mix
Just last week I wrote about how my husband and I have scarred our children for life by kissing in front of them. Well, this week’s escapade at the mall takes the cake as the all-time fry-the-brain-cells moment in our family’s history.
Let me begin by telling you that I’m attending the Romantic Times Convention in LA. Every night there’s one kind of ball or another with different themes. One may dress up to go along with those themes. And here, my friends, is where things get funky. So, I’m attending a Vampire Ball hosted by Heather Graham, among others. I’m such a fan, I can’t wait.
Well, I need a costume! I decide to go into Frederick’s of Hollywood for a corset. I try on a few, settle on one, and I am feeling fantastic! Never mind that I can’t breathe. Who needs to breathe? As long as I look good, I can breathe later. I come out of the store and meet up with the rest of the family who was shopping in stores of a much gentler nature.
Youngest reaches for my bag and proceeds to look inside. “What did you get, Mama?” she asks.
“A corset,” I respond.
“What’s that?” Youngest asks.
“Isn’t that one of those things you wear and your boobs get all smushed up?” Eldest chimes in.
“Uh, yeah,” I respond and giggle since Hubby is listening very intently.
“Ew! That’s gross, Mom!” Eldest shrieks and laughs.
“What? It’s a costume and it’s beautiful. I bet Daddy will like it,” I say defensively, trying hard not to laugh at my daughter’s pruned up face.
“Mom! Stop!” Eldest screams.  “You told me Pot fries the brain cells. THIS has completely fried my entire BRAIN! Just don’t say anything more! Don’t!”
I sigh and shake my head, then laugh hysterically. It seems my eldest daughter just can’t stand anything having the least bit to do with romance and her parents. Our kissing grosses her out, our saying mushy things to each other makes her want to hurl, and now provocative clothing on her mother is frying her brain.
God help me when she has her first real romance!  Even Hannah, my heroine’s daughter in Trinity, is more accepting of romance than my own daughter. She actually would love to see her mother and Michael kiss and even get married! Speaking of Trinity, at least I can rest easy knowing that the lovey-dovey ick factor will keep my kids from sneaking peeks into my book. Yeah, neither daughter is ready for any kind of romance novel, YA or adult.
So, to keep peace in the house, I promised them I wouldn’t wear the corset in front of them. I wouldn’t talk about it around them either. I must lead a clandestine life until they are young adults who can appreciate romance and all that goes with it.
Yeah, romance and my children… they don’t mix.
~Deena Remiel
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