Saturday, March 12, 2011

Interview with Maureen O. Betita!

Hey there Maureen. Thanks for joining us! Please tell us about yourself:
I noticed on your website that you mention 2nd chances. What does this mean to you and what influence does it have on your writing?
          Well, I am the recipient of the ultimate second chance. I suffered sudden cardiac death in April of 2007 and only through the swift action of my husband am I still here. At the time I was pretty much sleep walking through life, a bit frozen with depression…writing, but convinced that I could never attempt to be published as one rejection would see me shrivel up and die.
          Ha! Then I nearly died. After some therapy, I realized that I had faced the worst thing life could do to me…rejection was nothing! And I began to celebrate my second chance. I believe in as many chances as one needs, that chances continue to come forward in your life and everyone, bloody absolutely everyone, deserves how every many chances it takes. I’m proof of that! And chances are certainly what my books are all about.

I thought I saw on a blog post that you have a Kraken collection. Is that true?
          Oh, yes! I have many krakens! Stuffed krakens, a hand puppet, a beautiful ornament, tablets, jewelry… I’m thinking I need a tattoo! When a kraken plays cupid in your premier book, they become quite important. And, of course, on the group blog I’m part of, the kraken follows the ship around since we feed it inner critics on a regular basis. I highly recommend tossing you inner critics overboard at every opportunity!

I saw on your web site that The Kraken’s Mirror is now available in print. Is this your first print book so far? What are your feelings about being a printed author?
          The Kraken’s Mirror is my first book, both e and print! And as much as I love my e-reader, and I read mostly e-books…there is something quite magical about having a book to handle. And I look forward to giving one to my Mom!
I’ve got to ask the question – If you had to be stuck at sea with a pirate, would you take Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, or would you fight me for Orlando Bloom as Will Turner?
          Will is all yours, Leslie. I’d take Jack. He’d be more entertaining and prone to moments of brilliance! Like when he tipped the boat in the third movie…that was inspired! Though given a real choice…I’d probably opt for Barbossa.
Is The Chameleon Goggles a sequel to The Kraken’s Mirror? If not, do you have a sequel planned?
          Yup, and I’m hoping Decadent wants The Chameleon Goggles. It’s set in the same world, with the same characters, but a different romantic couple. And an invasion from a steampunk world! The kraken proves pivotal in this book.
          I hope to see a third and final book in the series. The Pirate Circus!
Do you listen to music when you write?
          When I remember my headphones and bring them to Starbucks…I listen to my music. Otherwise it’s what they are piping into the cafĂ©. When I get to listen to what I want… Right now it’s Abney Park, and the soundtrack from Sherlock.
Thanks for joining us!
My pleasure, Leslie! Let me add that I love to interact with readers, or just about anyone. Friend me on Facebook, follow any of the blogs I wander on, check out my website. Talk to me!
Blurb –
Treated by our youth-oriented society as invisible and sexless Emily Pawes attends a pirate festival to recapture the make believe magic she knew as a young woman. She wins an interesting bit of booty at a bric-a-brac stand. The Kraken's mirror is a magical portal and transports her to a land of Hollywood piratitude, where swashbuckling heroes own iPods. With little choice, she embraces the madness, deciding she’ll play pirate until she figures out how to get home. Or wakes up in a padded cell.

Instead of men in little white coats, she encounters the handsome Captain Alan Silvestri. He is a man haunted by a strange curse. Good luck is his to command, but it comes at the cost of any place to call home or people to call family. Resigned to die shunned by all, forced to sail every three days, he begins to dream of a special woman.

When they meet, sparks fly, passion flares. He needs her to be free, but more than that, he needs her to be whole. They set sail, uncertain of who has control of the wheel, seeking to defeat his curse of good luck and discover all the Kraken’s mirror plans for them.

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