Monday, June 27, 2011

My Newest "Pet Project"

Ahem. *clears throat*

I love the art of Arthur Rackham. When I saw the watercolor image below in a textbook, many years ago, it intrigued me.

Such romance! Such Old World charm and fantasy awesomeness!
Then I learned that it was an illustration of a story recorded by the Brothers Grimm, called The Old Woman In The Wood.

The story is about a young woman who travels with the family she serves. There is a carriage accident, and she is the only one who survives. So this dove comes to her and gives her a key that unlocks trees where there are goodies and yadda yadda yadda - lots of crazy stuff happens that doesn't make much sense. The main characters - actually all the characters - are unnamed in the original story, which is only two pages long and leaves you going "Whaaaaa.....?"

So my newest project is to write a retelling of the story. So far, it is proving to be both easy and challenging because of the sheer amount of plot holes in the original story. I've gotten it to 3k so far, and my goal is 20k.

Wish me luck!!!! :)

Anyway, it's something to keep me occupied while I wait on grades for my class I don't go crazy. Eeeep!


  1. You know, you have to wonder what those Grimm Brothers were smoking, but that sounds like a very cool story. I think you can do it!