Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poem - 15 Pages...

LOL! On the discussion boards for my class, someone posted that we should do a poetry slam. So far, I'm the only participant. Here's my quick little poem. It's about me working on the final paper:

15 pages is a long way to go, to flow
About Neruda’s poems and prose and how he rose
To the challenge of stealing the heart
Of humanity, dealing in verses and curses and
Splitting open dictatorial ribs, marinating them in blood and vingegar
And watching them burn, the flames licking higher,
the dire consequence of failure looming, darkness crowding the jungle of poisoned vines
15 pages is a long way to go, to flow, when you’re only eleven pages in,
Sources used up and hope growing dim
Success on the horizon, past a forest of knives and flashing orange eyes
Reels of text and web site lies,
Yes, 15 pages is a long way to go…

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