Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poem - How To Fall

"How To Fall"

by Leslie Soule

They say there's not enough love in this world -
So I decided not to worry
about the 15-page paper I've got to write on Neruda
and instead, I tried to fall in love.

I searched out form amongst the sculpted, coiffed figures
that passed me by and became sickened
by perfection and its influence on my tender stomach.
The queasiness would not dissipate
until I retched up consciousness into the trash.

The lunch room stank of base desires and unfulfilled potential
as I sat down to write,
seeking out my destructively angelic muse -
the one who eats Kit Kats as he throws blood on rainbows.

But he would not come.
So there I was, sitting like an empty gumball machine,
books piled on the table,
staring at me like scorned lovers.

Then I turned a page and fell in love.

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