Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where do the lines go?

My post today is titled "Where do the lines go?" because that's a question I've been asking myself and my world as of late. What I'm really asking is, "Where do the roads lead for me, as an English major seeking my master's degree?"
From what I've gathered, you need a Ph.d. in order to teach as a professor at a 4 year university. With a master's degree, I could teach at a community college. One problem with that though - the community colleges in my area are not currently hiring English professors. My current professor tells me that this is the situation all across America, and I wonder why. After all, our schools are not hurting for students.
But at any rate, the current system of things seems to be rendering a degree in English to be a relatively useless thing. So what am I to do once I get my degree?
Same thing  that I've been doing thus far, exhausting as it's been - fight the good fight, and keep writing. I'm gonna take the advice of a song by B.O.B. - "You just gotta keep screamin' 'til they hear you out."

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