Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Flash Fiction Entry for this year's SN&R Contest

So the Sacramento News & Review runs its Flash Fiction contest every year. The idea is to write a story in 150 words or less, and include all the things a story has to have - characters, action, etc.

My entry for this year is called The Pursuit of Happiness. It is below:

The Pursuit of Happiness
By Leslie Soule
The wax dummy fooled everyone, and Elvis read his own obituary in the newspaper. He’d decided to leave fame – that cruel, false friend, and it required cunning, but he had a plan – to hide in plain sight, impersonating himself for the rest of his days. Fame had taken him to Heartbreak Hotel, and to combat the pain, he’d give a new life a try and help people get married. He put on his sunglasses to hide his eyes from the glare of lights all around him – no longer stage lights, but the neon that surrounded him in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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