Friday, January 27, 2012

Tip of the Day - How To Overcome Writer's Block

So I found myself at an impasse while writing a scene. I wanted to write, but my brain didn't. I had the writer's curse - Writer's Block.

A strange and yet effective remedy I found was just to write out whatever crazyness came to my head and get it out of my system. It worked. Everything I wrote after the crazy paragraph was just fine and completely in keeping with the storyline. But it was just like my brain needed to mess around a bit.

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here's the sillyness that I ended up free-writing to get the juices flowing again:

Note: This will NOT appear in Fallenwood II.

     Ash was already beginning to form a plot for how she'd kill Malegaunt and his goons. She'd kill all the crystal dragons too, in a bloodbath of epic proportions in her own quest for more power. Step one involved breeding a super stealthy kind of wyvern that shoots lasers from its eyeballs and spits poison like a spitting cobra. Who needed a black unicorn? Not Ash. She'd have an army of spitting wyverns who only ate bananas and cried blood for the fallen. They ate their own kind. They ate things foreign and domestic. They ate things that could talk, as well as things that could not talk. Hell, they ate everything.

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