Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fallenwood 2 - Edits complete!!!

So the edits are complete for Fallenwood 2 and it's set to be officially released at some point this next month. A friend told me once that I should write my memoirs. Well, even though the Fallenwood series is a fantasy series, it is no less real to me, and we writers put so much of ourselves into our work that the series itself might as well be my memoirs. As I write Fallenwood 3 and am beginning to form the story for Fallenwood 4, I'm looking on the series altogether as sort of a eulogy to my foolish, rebellious, painful and at times very happy youth. My 30th birthday is later this year, and I feel like writing this series has been a sort of cathartic journey wherein I've been able to process my life's journey and the things I've learned and picked up along the way. I'm still writing Hybrid Space as well, though it being a sci-fi and all is proving a bit challenging. I have a lot of ideas, and it will be interesting to see how they all come together and how my characters evolve and interact. Anyway, as Greymalkin would say, "Life is a patchwork thing at best," is it not? *SIGH*

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