Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quiet The Mind To Invite The Muse

"Quiet the mind to invite the muse" is the title of today's blog post. Lately I'd been in a state of lacking motivation to write. Life events caused my muse to flee for a little while. My mind has been unquiet as of late. As I was perusing the internet though, I remembered a site called gratefulness.org that I used to frequently visit. I went there and took a virtual tour of a maze. The exercise is supposed to be a kind of meditation. The one who enters the maze never comes out the same person that went in. I didn't expect to find my muse hiding there at the end of the maze, but as I allowed my mind to relax, the words came unbidden and I took out my notebook, to write the scenes that played themselves out in my mind. One cannot write in a tense state of panic, in that "constant sense of danger" that can take root in the mind after traumatic experiences. Are you having trouble with your own writing? Or perhaps just with your own sense of well-being? Take a walk through the virtual maze, and you might find your own sense of inner calm waiting there as well. :) -Leslie

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