Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy busy busy little Leslie bee I've gotten a lot done lately. Never before have I worked on three novels simultaneously, but that's what I've been doing, with Hybrid Space, and Fallenwood 3 & 4. As for Hybrid Space, I've gotten the rough draft done and I'm tinkering with the story, day-by-day. I'm planning a big writing session for Saturday morning, where I'll get everything more or less in order with the novel (I tend to write different parts of a story at different times). THEN...step three will involve polishing up the language itself, and THEN the rough final draft will be done, which I'll send to the individuals who sent bids in for their characters to be included, and I'll ship it off to potential publishers for the yay or nay. As for the Fallenwood Chronicles - "my baby" - I've been working diligently on Fallenwood 3 and 4. You see, I want Ash's story to be a 10-year journey, culminating in the final battle with Malegaunt. Since I based Ash on myself, her journey roughly ends right before she turns 30. Well...I'm turning 30 later this year. So I know it's silly, but I'm trying to finish up the Fallenwood Chronicles before my 30th birthday. Melange Books is having a Christmas anthology, and I'd originally written a short story based in the Fallenwood universe, titled "The Feast of Yule". I'm going to try and polish it up and send it in by the deadline. Basically, Ash and company have to babysit a family of gnomes over the Christmas holiday, and all hell breaks loose! So there we have it. I've been keeping busy, and Fallenwood 2 is now out! I'll soon be looking for review sites and I might join a blog tour soon if possible, for promotion! Oh, and now that I've been playing with Windows Movie Maker, I might soon make some videos on writing, Fallenwood, etc. Fun things are in the works, for sure! :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hybrid Space - the rough draft is done!!!

Woo Hoo! Well, things have been interesting. Fallenwood 2 has released from Melange Books! And...the rough draft of my Hybrid Space is....DONE! This is a story that's been years in the making. I wrote it when I was a young teenager, originally, and now that I've achieved an M.A., I'm re-writing it and I love where the story's gone. It's going to be amazing and unique and it's different than anything else I've written, but I love it in its uniqueness. :) And I'm working on Fallenwood 3 - Betrayer!!!