Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Poem - "Same Old Song Again"

A poem by yours truly. It wrote itself, really...

"Same Old Song Again"

He was the Viking, coming to pillage
and I was the Irish, defending my turf
The trappings of the Modern Age
bewildered us -
made us forget
this ancient dance of war,
and our places in it,
a thousand years ago.
Only inklings of our own strength
shined up through the murk
like lights at the bottom of a well
The fire of hatred in his eyes, the lack of honor,
the poisonous carpe diem - these were nothing new
but in the reincarnation
someone switched out my eyes.
So we danced around each other in the way that fighters do
sizing each other up
until he realized that I was of no consequence
The Vikings had pillaged from the Irish since the beginning of time
It was a given.
He had the advantage of size and strength
But something changed one day, all those years ago -
a beginning to entropy - the center could not hold
and soon enough, they fled - he fled, and history had struck again
The dance was done
but the song played on.

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