Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kill Flies The All-Natural Way

So let me begin by saying that the only reason I know how to kill flies is that I worked for the County for a while, trapping fruit flies. It was this season of disgusting work that taught me how it's done, and I can now pass that on to others. Do you have lots of flies in your backyard? It happens, and it's quite annoying. What you'll need is a glass wasp trap (see below). What's that, you say? A wasp trap to kill FLIES? Yes, I didn't stutter. You will need a glass wasp trap. These can be found at World Market and Orchard Supply Hardware. I found my big one at Orchard.

Now then, add some water into it until the lip of the thing is full of water, and then throw in some yeast and a pinch of sugar. Make sure the cork is put into the trap. Apparently how this thing works is that the flies can get in, but for some reason, cannot fly down to escape.

Now, stick the thing into a tree. You won't see anything happen for a few weeks, so I just wanted to give you that caveat. But a few weeks in, you'll see the thing filled to the brim with flies.

Give it a while, to make sure they're all dead, and then take the trap down, dump it out somewhere, clean, and repeat. You're welcome.

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