Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reject The Mainstream Media

Reject the Mainstream Media

Why should you reject it?

Here's a breakdown of the rules that modern television programs go by (from what I've seen):

The Rules of Modern Media:

-Nothing is sacred


-Art and literature are only presented as tools of farce

-Low humor is praised, high art is not

-While teamwork may appear, rarely, compassion is nonexistent

-Constant put-downs and bickering is the norm among characters

-No respect is shown for anyone or anything

Is this supposed to be a picture of our society?

If so, what is admirable about it?

Or is there anything admirable about it at all?

So what can you do to reject the mainstream media? Shut off your t.v. channels and learn an art, whether it's painting, leatherworking, welding, etc. It is rewarding. And don't worry if you think you don't have the skill - masters never start out that way. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Let the revolution begin, and let it begin in your heart and in your hands.

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