Friday, September 12, 2014

Waiting for Autumn!!!

I can't wait for autumn to get here, so we can get rid of this heat and make room in our lives for pumpkin spice lattes and mulled wine and all sorts of awesome things that autumn brings with it.
Speaking of mulled wine, I'm going to try and make my own mulling spices this year, to give out as gifts, and also just to keep around. They can be pricey, so I think it will be much more cost-effective to make my own.

Step one: Eat a lot of oranges

Step two: Save the peels for drying

Step three: Dry the peels without them getting moldy

I'm on step three, and I don't have a food dehydrator. I'm trying to oven-dry the peel, and it looks like it's getting there, but they're not completely dry yet. I will report back with more findings! Currently, with the oven-dry method, I'm heating the oven to 170 degrees and drying them for an hour a day. I'm on day 2. We shall see! Update: 3 days. It takes 3 days of oven-drying to dry them out completely. As for air drying, I've seen blogs saying it takes 3 to 6 days, but I'm thinking it's closer to 6.

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