Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where I'm at on writing and editing

Sometimes, things set us back from what we'd like to do, or what we're working on, in life. When I met up with the individual portrayed in Betrayer, I didn't act like the kid I was during the events of Fallenwood. I didn't run away and seek refuge in other places. But what happened shocked the heart out of me. It stunned me into immobility. I haven't been able to gain any kind of traction.

Having said that, a friend of mine helped me edit Hybrid Space, and I did pull myself out of my slump, to re-edit Fallenwood.

I still have to record some of the the Hybrid Space edits. Then, I'll tackle the only thing left on my back-burner: the edits for Betrayer. This is all at once a frightening prospect. I'll have to encounter the character Draeon (real name omitted), again, at least in my mind. I'd like to forget, but that's not what writing is for. That's not what writing is about. And I must not forget. For there is not ONE Draeon in this world, but many. Draeon is Legion.

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