Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Practical Importance Of Martial Arts

I cannot over-emphasize the need for everyone to know how to defend themselves. The world is a dangerous place, and for example, I see the emails that have been coming through from Building Management at work. Over the past couple months, there have been three separate incidents of homeless men attacking women out on the street, in broad daylight. And in each case, Building Management responds the exact same way: they send an email alert out, after the fact, telling people to be careful. Read it thusly: they're certainly not coming to your rescue, should anything happen to you, but they don't want to be held liable either. It's the way of cowards. But are you a coward? What will you do if you're attacked? Yell for Batman? Get a grip. Everyone should learn martial arts, or at the least, some form of self-defense. Everyone. That means you. Do it.

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