Friday, January 30, 2015

Cultivating Patience, Gathering Strength When No Progress Is Possible

So there is a popular book, titled Who Moved My Cheese(?), and in it, we are to imagine ourselves as mice, continually on the lookout for cheese, which represents happiness. In the maze of life, we must keep searching and searching. If we stay in one spot, we will never find the cheese we look for.

I excel at running - not literally. Literally, I hate running and I feel like I'm bad at it. But my modus operandi consists of running continually away and away. I will always "live to fight another day". Through the years, I have become good at fighting, literally. But I hate to fight, and will only fight when my back is against the wall, and I have no other choice.

So I've found myself running through the maze of life at a breakneck pace, trying to will things to happen. But they won't. It's as though I've reached a cosmic blockage in the road. Or, more likely, a wall came up in the maze, and I find myself surrounded by walls.

The mouse in this picture could easily chew through a wall. We must pretend they are made of stone. What then?

Lately, I have had to cultivate patience, to withdraw inside of my small world and gather strength. Due to the cyclical nature of things, if I do not learn this, the world will force me to confront it until I do.

You must not call it slacking. I can run no more in any direction. This is difficult for me. I do not want to learn patience, but I must.

At night, I have been meditating. 10 breaths in, through the nostrils, 3 breaths out, all the way to 1, and then back up. One step at a time. I can master this thing called patience, too.

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