Thursday, February 26, 2015

80s Reboot

So first, I want to start out by explaining why I blog. Maybe it's that the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, to run power to my personal filters and censors. But here's why I do it - because it is incredibly liberating. In a world that is oppressing us on all sides, do you know what I get to write about? That's right - Whatever.The.Hell.I.Want.

So let's get to it. Why the neon? Well, I was born in the 80s, and up until the early 90s, we still had lingering effects of this, including neon and good music, before things gave way to grunge and goth and whatever else. Well, fashion trends apparently come and go in cycles. I was not aware of this right away, but a couple years ago, my sis down in SoCal told me that the 80s were making a comeback.

"Are you serious?" I said, chuckling at the idea of neon leg warmers being the height of fashion. But now the neon is everywhere. The neon is taking over!!!! No, but seriously, I remember creating an elementary school project with neon poster paint. Don't you? Of course, you don't. You're just a young'n.

Anyway, the coffee is beginning to kick in now. So buy some Lisa Frank stuff if you can find it, throw on those neon leg warmers and headbands, and listen to Elton John's song "In Neon" which never gets any radio play, and enjoy this 80s reboot. 'Cuz like the 80s, it'll be gone all too soon.

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