Friday, February 6, 2015

Sad Beauty

So one of the ideas that my uncle introduced me to, long ago, in regards to art, is the idea of a sad, fleeting beauty. We can see this reflected in images of flowers, in the light-filled garden dance scenes of Renoir, and in many other examples of art. It is the idea that life is fleeting. It's also what makes certain works of art so incredibly alluring.

One of my favorite actors is Benedict Cumberbatch. You usually see images of him smiling, looking up at the camera. But I found an image on Pinterest of him that expresses this sad beauty I speak of.

Notice how he's looking down as though he's melancholy, or reminiscing. He's also quite handsome still in this photo, even though there's a vague sadness to him, so he fits this "sad beauty" idea here. I feel like it makes the image so much more alluring than the other photographs I've seen of him. It makes you wonder what's made him so sad, or what he's remembering or feeling. It's like you want to add more to the image than what you see, to create the "text" to go with the "work", to borrow the terms of Roland Barthes, from his classic article "From Work to Text".

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