Monday, March 9, 2015

Ursula Le Guin's Speech

I've heard of Ursula Le Guin, as she is a fellow fantasy/sci-fi writer woman. She also wrote a book called Steering The Craft, which was used in the creative writing class that provided the basis for my original rewrite of the main Fallenwood book.

Well, I just saw this video that someone had posted on Facebook, and what she says is deep, and rebellious, and shows how important the concept of intellectual freedom and not being censored is to the art of writing.

It's kinda the whole point, really. It's why we do what we do.

And here are a couple quotes from the video that I really liked:

"We need writers who know the difference between production of a commodity and the creation of art."

And - "The name of our beautiful reward is not Profit. Its name is Freedom."

Or as I like to say it, when dealing with the censoring prudes of the world, I can say whatever the fuck I want. I am like the black unicorn of Fallenwood. I will not be tamed. I will not be captured. Death to the Crown.

Watch the video yourself (Click the link below). It's amazing, and Ursula Le Guin is a classic - a legend in her own right.

Ursula Le Guin's Video

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