Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Statue of Liberty's Pedestal - An Experiment in Crowdfunding

So as you may know, there's no Brenda Novak Auction For Diabetes Research this year. Instead, I've decided to use any available funds that I would have donated, to back projects on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter (and also a project for a fun run that my sis is doing for the kids of her afterschool program), but anyway, I think I've become a bit addicted to Kickstarter. I've been finding projects that are beautiful, inspirational, and brilliant.

And I found a book at the little break room library, about New York. Although my stepfather once lived for a while in Manhattan, I've never been there and rarely even consider traveling to the East coast. As I heard once, "West Coast, Best Coast". Lol.

So anyway, I picked up this book and started reading through it, and I was surprised to learn that the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty was pretty much crowdfunded, and before there was a Kickstarter to speak of. In 1885, publisher Joseph Pulitzer collected donations, offering to publish the names of all contributors to the project (sound familiar?). According to the Wikipedia page, he " started a drive for donations to complete the project that attracted more than 120,000 contributors, most of whom gave less than a dollar." (Sounding even more familiar?)

So books show us that as much as things have changed, some (good) things (like the idea of crowdfunding) stay the same.

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