Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Poem - "Slow Down"

"Slow Down"

The dregs of a latte' and
crumbs of a scone
wait for me downtown as all around, life rushes by -
the music blaring in a not-quite-old-school rock sound
The barefoot lady with dirt on her heels
left minutes ago
Slow down, they said on the internet Pinterest boards,
when life goes too fast
and you find yourself running in place - getting nowhere
So I looked for the tea shops
but they were too far away
and I settled for Temple Coffee
You slow down in a temple
like in India
and you take off your shoes
as a sign of respect
and you
greet the keepers with Namaste'
The divine in me sees and honors
the divine in you.
And memory takes me back to the carnival-lit statuary,
to the sense of ease,
to the divine lightness of being.
And all too soon, my lunchtime is over and I must leave.
and put on my shoes. and rush.