Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Difficult Times

I have to keep telling myself this. These are difficult times for me. Nothing I've tried, to switch out of a job I hate, has worked. With my writing, I have little time and don't seem to be really getting anywhere. And every time I have an idea to start working on something, I run up against a brick wall, whether it be in my professional or private life.

And so I know how Ash feels in the middle of my novel, Retribution. She's hunting down the five crystals that she has to destroy to weaken Malegaunt's power, and she faces huge obstacles, time and time again. Victory is anything but certain.

So what do I do, to break the seemingly never-ending cycle of failure??? Hell if I know, but I (and my character, Ash) had better figure it the f*** out.

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