Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hybrid Space

Hybrid Space is coming!!! And this is the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hybrid Space is my story about human/animal hybrids who escape from a ship called the Empress, run by the powerful and mysterious corporation, T-Tech.

Pretty bird. This here's an oil pastel drawing that I did, of the escape ship, The Canary, ages ago.

Anyway, I hope you love this story as much as I do. It was sure fun to write.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Can't Sleep

So, it appears that I can't sleep - or rather, I don't want to, just yet. You see, I have it on my "to do" list, that updating my blog after a long hiatus is something that I set out to do. I've been rebuilding my online writing presence. I have quit from my toxic state job, working for a corrupt organization, and will be starting my writing career back up. I'm in the process of editing Betrayer, the third book in the Fallenwood series. Meanwhile, I've got a VERY rough draft of Retribution on my computer, and a copy of Hybrid Space, my sci-fi/comedy that needs editing. I've got a couple other older works that I'll be editing/polishing up, including a collection of poems and a short shifter story that I wrote with my best friend Colleen. Then there's the short story Trial By Fire, originally published by Secret Cravings, which I'll also be trying to find a new publisher for. Or perhaps I'll write some other stories to go with it, and release it either on my own or through a publisher as a mythic anthology. The possibilities are endless. I'm also going to be trying to get out there into the wild world and actually make some public appearances, try and sell some books, etc. We'll see how it all goes. At any rate, we'll see what's in store for me. I'm going to cross "update blog" off of my list. Good night.