Friday, June 23, 2017

I No Longer Care About My Credit Score

So here I am, talking about the thing that vexes so many of it (and me included, for so long). That thing is DEBT.

I used to care about my credit score - there was a time, when I had Wells Fargo, when I actually paid a bit more, and they would update me on my credit score, every so often (don't do this - just use to check - it's free, and it works).

These days, I don't give a flying F*** about my credit score, and neither should you. Yes, you need credit in order to buy a house, or a car, if you plan on financing these things. But IF you finance these things, not only are you going to be stuck paying for these for a LONG time, but over the course of time, you'll be paying WAY more than if you paid cash for them.

Every time I do something that benefits me, like digging out of a debt hole and closing a credit card, my credit score goes down. And I believe that it is irresponsible of our society, to reward bad behavior, like getting yourself into unnecessary debt.

Recently, I paid off my student loans, and all of my credit cards, and guess what? My credit score went down!

Meanwhile, I feel like I'm building a solid base for myself, financially - one that's not based on credit or debt, but a solid foundation of actual wealth. Our grandparents knew the danger of banks, and didn't trust them. Why have we strayed from this mentality? Banks are not your friends, and their manipulations, to make you feel like you've got something (a nice house, nice car, etc.) will only enslave you.

Join the Revolution, and begin breaking yourself away from the Empire and its forms of control, including financial!!!

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